Here’s some much needed good news to brighten anybody’s day – Mangesta Library has been fully funded for a renovation thanks to Bali Children’s Project supporters clubbing together.

Over the last few months, Bali Children’s Project has been asking supporters to each give a little bit to help us renovate Mangesta Library.

Mangesta, in central Bali suffered from the same problem as many libraries – a lack of interesting books and an imaginative space to learn, but now that will all change as our renovation is about to get underway.

Mangesta School

With books that are old and boring, it’s no wonder children weren’t reading at Mangesta School. Most books were published 20-30 years ago and are black and white text books.

This is the case at Mangesta. Despite the school working hard to keep their library building in great condition, they just do not have the funding to turn it into an exciting place for children.

Teachers have put together tables and chairs and kept the library clean. But with a boring interior and full of lesson books, children aren’t inspired to use it.

Funding Target Hit

Bali Children’s Project is excited to now say that we have reached our target to renovate this library building. We asked supporters to help us raise 3,500 USD in order to repaint the school, provide a new mural and of course a full complement of books and comfortable furniture that have become a trademark of our projects.

We thank the donors who have all pitched in to make this project a success. Our thanks to donors The Udaya Resort & Spa, The Mansion Resort & Spa, Karma Group, Kevin, Stephanie, Michelle, Jan, Laura and Marietess who all supported this appeal.

It means that we can now get started with the renovation and give students access to new worlds of learning. The library will give them a comfortable and fun place to learn, where they can develop their imagination, reading skills and more.

The renovation will commence will be complete by mid-May and will be a welcome surprise for students who return to school when the Coronavirus has cleared and schools are open again.

Here’s how we’ll renovate the library

There are many more schools like Mangesta that need a quality library to inspire their children

Take a look at our Fund a Library page or stay tuned for our nex community donor project!