20th October 2016.

Children in Bali were amazed to receive a donation of 149 backpacks from New Zealand based corporate supporter Elephant Stripes.

estripes2Elephant Stripes are a brand new start up, specialising in super stylish travel and luggage products. Inspired to make a difference while doing business, the two founders Francesca and Jordan committed to support Bali Children’s Project by offering a ‘one for one’ program.

The idea of the program was for every bag sold, Elephant Stripes would donate a school bag for a child in need. It’s a philosophy that Francesca and Jordan launched their company on.

estripes5Starting on ‘kickstarter’, their campaign had enough backers within a short few weeks to launch their business. As the backers pre-ordered the bags, Francesca and Jordan kept tabs on how many school backpacks that would be ‘unlocked’ for children in need in Bali.

True to their promise, as soon as a backpack was sold, Elephant Stripes began producing a smaller school backpack. Things went quickly and before anybody new it, 149 backpacks were on order and on their way to Bali.

estripes1Not content with unlocking the backpacks, Francesca and Jordan travelled to Bali solely to personally donated the backpacks, which they also kindly filled up with school supplies and goodies.

Accompanied by Sponsorship Manager Anastasia and Schools Support Manager Ayu, we gathered children who we knew needed backpacks for school.

Delivering the first backpacks to 33 children, estripes6there was huge excitement from children, Elephant Stripes and Bali Children’s Project staff.

Donations like this really do make a difference to children who live with less.

Items like school backpacks may seem simple, but in reality many children in Bali make do with poor quality backpacks.

Other children whose family can’t afford even the most basic of backpacks can end up having to leave school.

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