End of the Academic Year in Bali

In June, the academic year finished in Bali – bringing about change for children across Bali. Students completing high school have now graduated and move on to the world of work, or if they’re lucky, further education.

Bali Children’s Project is excited to say that in 2022, 138 students from our sponsorship program will be graduating from school, thanks to their sponsors. For most of these students, they are the first in their families to ever graduate from high school. It has opened up a world of new opportunity for them.

Our official graduation event takes place on 24th July 2022, where we’ll celebrate with our 138 graduates. We’ll be personally writing to every single sponsor to inform them of each graduates next plans.

For students still sponsored, they can look forward moving up a year, safe in the knowledge that their education is secured.

Student’s Success

Originally restricted to a life of labour and poverty, all of these students now have an opportunity to change their futures forever.

Our graduates this year are made up of 80 girls and 58 boys and they are already developing some exciting plans.

Darsana’s Dream Comes True

Darsana had already dropped out of school when we met him. His family didn’t have enough money to pay the entry fee for his junior high school. Darsana and his father don’t own a home or any land – they relied on the kindness of extended family to have a place to live.

He had already missed a year of school, but never gave up. After being sponsored by Ken since 2016, Darsana went back to school and doubled down, knowing this was his chance to succeed. The sponsorship changed his life.

Now graduated, Darsana has already gotten a job, working as engineering staff at a world renowned hotel, on a starting salary several times what his labourer father earns in a month.

Darsana has made his father proud, but most of all, he now has a bright future where he can climb the career ladder and achieve his dreams.

Ari’s Scholarship

Ari’s older sister dropped out of school after junior high and was never able to graduate. Their parents combined income was only 1,500,000 rupiah a month (approximately 100 USD) – barely enough for food. Knowing Ari had no chance of graduating without help, we appealed for help for a sponsorship.

Upon her original sponsorship for school, a huge weight was lifted. Ari excelled in sciences and physics. Although her original sponsor later dropped out, supporters The WESCO Girls stepped in to sponsor and ensure she could stay in school.

Today, Ari has become the first in her family to ever graduate from high school. Not only that, she passed with flying colors. And she isn’t done yet. Ari has succesfully received 4-year scholarship from Undiksha University, meaning she only need to pay room and board. Ari is now firmly on her way to achieving her dream of becoming an Elementary School teacher, all thanks to her sponsors.

Waiting List Woes

In Bali, one in five students do not graduate high school – a figure that is set to rise in the aftermath of the pandemic. Still reeling from the economic impact of the pandemic, for many children it is a time of great worry.

Moving into a new school year in July means new costs, school entry fees (for junior and senior high) and vaious other costs, such as uniforms, shoes, schools supplies and more.

Our sponsorship program works by finding the children at highest risk of dropping out of school and covering their entire education.

We can change children’s lives and futures by giving them a secure route through education, but rely on sponsors to do so. Watch the video below to find out exactly how sponsorship works or to see children needing help to stay in school, see our Sponsorship Waiting List.

To sponsor a child for School, please see our Sponsorship Waiting List, and set up a monthly donation of $40 USD per month.


When you sponsor, you will receive a sponsorship welcome pack, complete with thank you photos and more information about how your sponsorship is helping.