More Backpack Joy in Bali

As school is back in full swing, the Bali Children’s Project team have been busy delivering more school backpacks for hundreds of children.

School entry backpacks are designed to give elementary age students all they need for school. Far more than a single backpack, they come full of shoes, uniforms, supplies and all necessary school materials.

Delivering the backpacks has been an immense joy. Children who were previously going to school with hardly anything could not believe their luck.

It was all thanks to the immense efforts of donors who contributed to our 2019 School Entry Backpack Appeal.

A total of 212 students received new backpacks after the appeal raised over 21,000 USD.

A huge thank you to all the kind businesses and individuals who helped to give children a better start to their elementary education.

If you donated, you’ll have receieved an email thank you from Bali Children’s Proejct with a photo of the child/children you have supported.

What the Children had before…

and after delivery…

Why School Entry Backpacks?

You can still donate a fully equipped backpack. $100 gives a child all materials needed for a year of school.

What Does a Backpack Include?

A $100 Backpack donation enables us to purchase:

  • 2 school uniforms
  • 2 pairs of black school shoes (1 current size, 1 large size)
  • A school backpack
  • School supplies (books, pens, pencils and pencil case)

*Note: This program is aimed at grade 1-5. For children grades 6-12, costs rise, hence the need for monthly sponsorship.