Five Children Sponsored in April

Our thanks to April’s new sponsors of Ethan, Joyce, Maureen and Emily.

It’s meant that we can give five children a way out of poverty. Their school futures are now gauranteed thanks to the sponsorships and they’ll never have to worry about dropping out again.

In Bali, on average one in five students will not graduate from high school. It’s the sad reality for children who are stuck in the cycle of poverty.

However, sponsorships can change this.

Sponsorships pay for all student school fees and help us to provide local co-ordinators who see to all of their educational needs.

Armed with renewed sense of hope, students can finally break out of the cycle of poverty by completing their education.

If you’d like to become a sponsor, you can see children in need of sponsorship here.

April’s Sponsored Children

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorships are life changing and rely on kind individuals creating $40 a month sponsorships to cover all costs and give children a brighter future.