Four Students Sponsored for School in March

Bali Children’s Project are grateful to our latest sponsors in March who have helped to give four children new school futures.

With times being difficult economically, these sponsorships mean the world to children with less. It has been a difficult time in the charity world as economic issues have a direct effect on donations, with a significant drop in donations in 2023.

But thanks to kind new donors Cherng and Yoong, Seth, Bodyworks Spa and Matthew, four new children have school futures.

We want to thank all of our existing sponsors for their continued support, which has allowed us to help children in Bali achieve their dreams through education. We would not be able to do this without your kindness and generosity.

We update our sponsorship waiting list regularly. If you’d like to read about students currently needing help to stay in school, visit this page.

Sponsor a Student for School

One in five students will never graduate from high school. You can help them to stay in school and escape the cycle of poverty forever.