12th October 2016.

New York came to Bali this week, as we welcomed visitors from the Schmidt Family, who arrived in Bali with a special surprise.

schmidt2It all started a few months ago when brother and sister Ryan and Anila Schmidt embarked on a school project to help raise funds children to go to school.

Engaging their father Erik, HBR Consulting, and the entire community of the High Meadow School in Stone Ridge, New York, Ryan and Anila did something incredible. After overwhelming support from everyone in the community, by the time all their activities were over they had raised over $2,000 USD!

schmidt3Having done their research, they decided that the funds would be donated to Bali Children’s Project, and more specifically to help children access school.

The Schmidt Family initially gave $500 of their donations to purchase five ‘School Entry Backpacks’ – a full pack for children who don’t have the ability to buy their own school supplies.

A sub program of our larger Sponsor a Child schmidt6program, school entry backpacks focus on giving the basic requirements children need to enter school. Often these are children who are in elementary school, whose families cannot afford the basic fee or equipment required. Sadly, even not having the correct shoes sometimes means children drop out of school.

So you can imagine the difference the five backpacks made to children Ayu Shanitiasih, Gusti, Gede, Nyoman Sentana and kadek schmidt8Artayana.
The elation didn’t stop there though. The Schmidt Family came all the way to Bali to deliver the remaining donations themselves – and visit the children they had helped.

Accompanied by our Sponsorship Manager, Anastasia and Area Co-ordinator Ibu Hadi Guna, the family went off the normal tourist activities to see for themselves how the donations have helped.

Visiting the children, we had already designated
some of the remaining donations on another surprise – donating bikes so the children can get to school with ease. Bikes may sound standard, but are just pipe dreams to most children from poor families.

The remaining donations will be used to support further children whose access to school may be limited.

With kindness starting from two children in New York, the outcomes of their efforts have truly been incredible.The support from their community, friends and family has had a huge ripple effect on the lives of children on the other side of the world.

Thank you so much for your efforts Ryan, Anila, the Schmidt Family and of course everyone who supported their fundraising to support less privileged children.

If you are interested in helping like the Schmidt family have, please get in touch or see options below.


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