12th July 2017.

Geneva high school College du Saussure recently gave a surprise donation to Bali Children’s Project, helping us to support three preschools in Bali.

After teacher Pascale visited Bali last year, she was struck by how few supplies some schools had to teach their children.

Upon returning home to Switzerland, Pascale decided she had to do something. So together with the dedicated teachers and caring students at College du Saussure, they got together to raise funds for Bali Children’s Project.

The aim of their fundraising was to raise enough to supply preschool and kindergartens who have less.

While Bali Children’s Project often runs full renovations and building of pre schools and kindergartens, there are also many schools whose building are still usable, but lack materials.

It’s quite shocking to see so many under equipped schools in Bali. Most schools do not receive much outside support and their communities struggle to afford quality supplies.

So when Pascale sent through a donation of $420 USD, it came as a much needed boost for schools.

Schools Support Manager Ayu Jero was immediately on the case. She had a long list of schools in need of donations, so knew exactly how these donations could help.

“The preschool and kindergartens here have many supplies missing. If we can get the donation, we can help to supply the schools.”

Ayu Jero did what she does best (shopping) and was soon at three lucky preschools and kindergartens of TK Dharma Putra, TK Kumara Bhakti and TK Pra Widya Dharma – all in northern Bali (Kintamani and Buleleng regencies).

“The schools,teachers and children were so happy with their new supplies. Because they can not access these supplies in their normal situation. It is a great way to improve their education.”

Bali Children’s Project thanks Pascale and all the teachers and students at College du Saussure. Their kindness has had an impact on dozens of children already.

If you are interested in supporting our School’s Support Program, please get in touch. Donations big or small all can make a great difference to schools with less.