Karma Spreads to Apuan School

Karma by name, karma by nature.

Meet supporters Karma Group, whose donations have made a huge impact on children living in poverty in Bali.

Bali Children’s Project has grown a lot over the last few years. And it couldn’t have been done without support from Karma Group, who have supported our work since 2009.

Karma Group is an award-winning international travel and lifestyle brand offering extraordinary experiences and exclusive curated entertainment in the world’s most beautiful locations.

Kindness is part of the aptly named Karma Group’s philosophy. With locations all around the world and several in Bali, Karma Group believe it’s their responsibility to help support local causes.

Helping Bali Children’s Project grow from a small organisation supporting small numbers of children, to today, supporting thousands of children through access to education in Bali.

Years of Support

Over the years, Karma Group’s support has enabled Bali Children’s Project to;

  • Launch our Sex Education Program to give help fight HIV/AIDS in Bali
  • Fund teachers and salaries at several supported schools in the Munduk Area
  • Funding running costs of the Bali Children’s Project Preschool in Penestanan Kaja, Ubud
  • Support sponsored children whose sponsors had unexpectedly stopped
  • Support many ’emergency’ cases of children who have special needs for support
  • Essential funding to support development and infrastructure within Bali Children’s Project.

Speaking about their support, Karma Group told us;

It’s an integral part of our Karma philosophy to respect and actively help the people and places in which we are located. That’s not just because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do; it’s because that’s who and what we are, a company that cares. We’re particularly involved with charities that support childhood development, including The Bali Children’s Project who providing education for underprivileged children. In our view, giving back is just good Karma.

We can’t thank Karma Group enough for their kindness – helping us grow, support more children and make Bali a better place for everyone to access education.

Impacting Bali Together

The partnership continues, with donations now being used to support Bali Children’s Project’s Emergency Support Program. The support gives essential ‘out of the normal’ support to children in our sponsorship program. It is used to support children whose sponsors have discontinued, or those who have special circumstances requiring additional support.

A key component of funding these programs is access to sustainable funds – meaning we can run programs sustainably.

The support has helped emergency cases like Pitriani (left) who had nowhere to live and risked dropping out of school. Now graduated, Pitriani stayed in school and had help with her accommodation from emergency funds.

You can find out more about Karma Group on their website

If you are a business owner and interested in providing support, see our partnerships page

We welcome partnerships with businesses. Partnerships help us to provide more educational improvements for children in Bali. You can become a business partner too.