17th July 2017.

An incredible day as Bali Children’s Projects 2017 graduates gathered together to celebrate their finishing school and the start of the rest of their lives.

It is our single favourite time of the year – school is out and for final year students, it’s time to make their way into the big wide world. And thanks to their sponsorships, the world is their oyster.

The Importance of Sponsorships

After our sponsorship team identify children in need of sponsorship, we add them to our sponsorship waiting list. The rest is up to the kindness of people from all over the world.

School sponsorships mean more than words can put down. It is a secure way of finishing school for children from the poorest families. It means that children do not have to work, drop out or worry about how to pay their school fees.

There’s no big grants, just the culmination of hundreds of caring individuals and businesses from around the world, all individually sponsoring specific children.

Graduation Day

The fourteen eager graduates of 2017 gathered for Bali Children’s Project’s Graduation Day last week.

Each receiving a parting gift of lunch and a Bali Children’s Project graduation jacket, the 12 girls and 2 boys have all been making plans.

It’s great to see a range of plans – from renowned spa training, to once-in-a-lifetime further education scholarships, this group of graduates are sure to be a huge success.

Thank you Sponsors

Our thanks to the amazing sponsors who have stuck with these children on their journey through school – giving them a chance to carve out a new future and break the cycle of poverty in their family.

Class of 2017:

Ni Nengah Deviani – Sponsored by Robert
Ni Putu Nanda Diantari – Sponsored by Bruce
Ni Putu Pebria Wedayanti – Sponsored by David
Ni Putu Pera Yanti – Sponsored by Miho
Ni Putu Yunik Lindayani – Sponsored by Bruce
Ni Wayan Ayu Puspa Dewi – Sponsored Syeda & Kerry
Ni Wayan Luh Sujeni – Sponsored by Brandon
Ajeng Tantia Ningrum -Sponsored by Erin
Gusti Ayu Sri Widayanti – Sponsored by Alison
I Komang Bagia Astawa – Sponsored by Maryam
I Made Nova Wirawan – Sponsored by Tim
Ni Kadek Ayu Pitriani – Sponsored by Michelle
Ni Luh Putu Linda Dewi – Sponsored by Ubud Chef’s Charity Lunch
Ni Luh Rini – Sponsored by Rima