8th July 2015.

It’s celebration time for graduates from Bali Children’s Project’s Sponsorship Program. July marks the end of many sponsored children’s educational career and an a world of opportunity lies ahead.

June and July are some of the most exciting times of the year in Bali. Children are moving up their grades, onto the next school year. But it is an extra special time for those who are graduating completely.

This month marks the start of the rest of their lives. We are so proud to see these youngsters finally get through school.

This year, we have had 22 graduates – all of which have had their lives changes forever.

It is amazing to think that these children would have dropped out of school far earlier if it wasn’t for kind sponsorship from Bali Children’s Project supporters.

Now their lives have completely changed – they have qualification from high school and they can go on into the world of adulthood. Their graduation means they have a whole new future ahead of them, with whole new opportunities.

We are so pleased to have played our part, but can’t thank our sponsors enough for making it a reality. Finally, we thank each and every child who has worked up from difficult backrounds to take their opportunities and carve out a new future.

Out of a total 22 graduates

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of this years graduates.


Ni Putu Sasri Ayu Artini

Sponsored by: Wim & Yvonne

From: Babakan

Next Steps: Further study

Dream: To become a nurse

Ni Putu Sasri Ayu Artini

I’ve graduated from senior high school, will continue to pursue a higher education, I will study  at BINA STIKES USADHA University, looking for majors nurse.

Thank you because you have helped me for this education, I will be in university for five and a half years, I will start on July. I will take master degree, it take times to study about 4 years and to find a nurse degree for one and a half years. So the total is about five and half years study at the University.

Ni Putu Junianingsih

Sponsored by: Edna and Natalie

Next Steps: Saving money at job in Supermarket

Dream: To climb to job ladder in the community

Ni Putu Junianingsih

Before when I passed on junior high school (SMP), I have no planned to continue study because of my parent have no budget for that. Then I got offering for scholarship finally I continued to senior high school (SMA). In SMA I got many experience that are joined to extracurricular scout, camping, tour, be a flight ceremony officer and training in a hotel at Pemuteran as a house keeping. Now I have got a job at the supermarket near my house. I also want to get a better job.

I want to say thank you very much also to BCP for all the helping and your attentions. My parent and my family also send love and say thank you to BCP and Ms Natalie and Ms Edna. Hoping someday we will meet together.

Ni Luh Parmi Astari

Sponsored by: Andre

Next Steps: Working and saving money for University

Dream: To manage a hotel

Ni Luh Parmi Astari

I just graduated from my school, and now I work at one Art shop (Story of a memory is the name of the art shop) in Monkey Forest Street. Here I can learn and practice my English because I meet so many tourists every day.

Thanks a lot for your help and everything that you have given to me because of your help I can continue my study until graduate.

I want to work for one year and then I will continue my study to university. And maybe I will continue to Tourism school. I want to beautify my parents and make them proud of me.

Adi Darmawan

Sponsored by: Education Rocks

Next Steps: College to study accountancy

Dream: To become an accountant

adi darmawan

I’ve graduated from senior high school; my plan is continue in college for one year in the accounting department. I plan school while working, the name of the college is AKUBANK, this college only for the accounting program. This college is the first school in Bali specifically in the field of accounting. Its cost is pretty cheap and still 1 building with politeknik University. The college distance to my home is very far so I have to find a place to stay that is close to the college, the college is located at Denpasar area.