We have had the best time teaching our pre school students. This year brought a lot of joy, happiness and learning for children who would otherwise not be able to access early stage education.

As the final term of the year closed in June, we have a special treat for our kindergarten students – by taking them on a trip to Bali Zoo.

We all had a great time seeing some of the animals that make our world special. Most children had only ever seen these animals as cartoons in school books, but the animals came to real life with the visit.

SAM_0104_resizedOpinions were split on the best animal, with many liking the giraffes and others favouring the gorilla. It was the lion, king of the jungle that really sparked interest though

We also had the pleasure of a great picnic at the zoo, savouring the end of school year celebrations.

It was an exciting day, with everyone well worn out by the time we left. Things hadn’t quite finished though…there was still the remainder of the last week of school.

With mixed emotions, we ran our last day for this class, who all got together for a photograph. Some children were sad to be leaving and others were just excited to move onto their next steps.

We thoroughly enjoyed the school year, with the class being the first to use our brand new pre school, completed in February 2015,  thanks to fundraising efforts of BCP supporters.

11406401_915858898458000_8768142319405757959_nWe now move on and wish our pre schoolers all the best in the educational careers, some of whom we will need to sponsor for school.

We also welcome our 2015/16 class, for which we are now in the process of taking entries. The new term will start in the middle of July, once we have filled up places in the class. It certainly will be an exciting time as we welcome a whole new group of children starting out their educational careers.

One special young man who will be joining us for the next year is Kadek, who lives right across the street. Kadek’s dad is paralysed and his family struggle to keep up with costs. 20150607_110607_resizedNot only is Kadek going to be able to make it to pre school, he has been sponsored by local cafe Banana Leaf by Villa Nirvana.

We extend our gratitude to all who have helped make our preschool a reality. Early learning is so important, and this is the first step to the educational lives of many children. You have made a huge difference.

If you can support costs for our preschool please click here and dedicate your donation to BCP’s Preschool.