101 Heroes for Sukuwana

Fantastic news as Bali Children’s Project has commenced our latest library renovation project. The project is at SDN 2 Sukawana, up in the Kintamani mountains of Bali. Far away from the hustle and bustle of Kintamani town, the existing library needed help. And help has arrived, thanks to our friends at 101 Heroes.

SDN Sukuwana 2

Surprisingly, Sukawana 2 School already has a library. In fact, libraries are mandatory buildings in elementary schools across Bali.

A lack of supplies and building quality meant that the library was not used by children. The building was never properly finished; the ceiling was missing from the very start. To make things worse, the lack of books and furniture meant that the library had just become an empty room.

A Hero Comes Along

Having seen some of our previously completed projects on our website, Edwin from 101 Heroes got in touch to ask how he could help. After hearing about SDN Sukawana’s library issues, 101 Heroes sent funding to support its renovation!

The funding will provide a new roof, some small building fixes, a complete repaint, a new indoor mural and of course hundreds of fantastic inspiring books. It will be topped off with furniture and comfy beanbags and rugs. We can’t wait to finish the project!

Balinese Ceremonies

Working with the teachers and community at SDN 2 Sukawana, we’ll be transforming their library into an amazing learning space for their children. However, there was one essential item before work began – a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony.

In Bali, all projects require a blessing ceremony before work can start. They consist of a priest and the community gathering to pray and bless the building, as well as the students who will use it.

Last week, the blessing ceremony was complete, which meant the project could begin!

Libraries in Bali

Transforming libraries is part of Bali Children’s Project’s main goals. Most children in Bali do not own a book, and so reading and literacy suffer.

With libraries often operating from poor quality buildings with limited and old books, it’s no wonder that children don’t go out of their way to read in school.

This is slowly changing thanks to kind people like 101 Heroes, who are helping us to give old libraries new leases of life. We are proud to say that the Apuan Project is now 100% complete!

There are many more libraries in Bali needing help. If you can donate books or help us renovate, please get in touch.

Bali Children’s Project is proud to help schools and libraries improve, as well as showing donors exactly how their funds are spent. Please help us to transform more libraries in Bali.