This holiday season, please help to help give children in Bali much needed education supply boxes.

This holiday season, Bali Children’s Project is asking supporters to help support the education of children with less in Bali.

By enabling us to give books for libraries and supplies for kindergartens, you will be helping children who have the least.

Our aim is to provide schools and libraries with supply boxes, equipping them to better educate their children.

During this time of giving, we thank supporters for thinking of children with less and supporting their futures through education.

How Donations Impact Children

  • $10 USD can buy a good quality book for library

  • $20 USD provides a teacher with better quality learning supplies for children

  • $50 USD purchases several high quality library books

  • $250 USD funds a whole library supply box, full of books

  • $300 USD funds a kindergarten supply box, fully of educational supplies, games and arts & crafts.

*all donors will receive a personalized thank you photo, showing the items that your donation has supported.

Raised so Far

Funds Raised so Far
Book Boxes Raised
School Supply Boxes Raised

Helping Schools Like…

Pengotan Library

Pengotan Library struggles to inspire children to read. With only old, black and white books, it’s no wonder children in this school do not like to read. A book box would change that, giving the children here access to quality books.

Honey Kindergarten

Madu Kindergarten is currently on our waiting list for a full renovation. Until then, the school urgently needs better quality teaching supplies and educational equipment. A kindergarten supply box would drastically improve the quality of education the school is able to offer to it’s young learners.

What is in a Supply Box?

  • A library supply box comes full of color books for children to read. A supply box of $250 USD provides 25-30 brand new books for a library.

  • A kindergarten supply box of $300 USD purchases arts and crafts supplies and a host of educational toys and games.

Library Book Boxes

Help children in rural areas of Bali to access books. Donations will help us to purchase books which will then be delivered to underserved libraries in Bali.

A full book box costs $250 USD, however just one book costs as little as $10 USD.


Kindergarten Supply Boxes

Help purchase new educational supplies, we can support these underserved kindergartens and help children during this crucial stage of development.

A kindergarten supply box costs $300 USD, but individual supplies cost as little as $20.


Kindergarten Supply Boxes



Library Supply Boxes



Thank you for supporting underprivileged children in Bali this Holiday season