Holiday Appeal Success

Wonderful news for the start of the new year. Thanks to our Holiday Giving Appeal donors, we have raised 11,747 USD to help three areas of need in Bali.

In December, we invited donors to help support our Holiday Giving Appeal. Our aim was to raise 15,000 USD to help support books for libraries, playgrounds for kindergartens and food packages for families.

As we look to the new year, we’re excited to have gotten so close to our target, enabling us to;

Kickstart our new Community Donor Library Project with book donations

Deliver two plagrounds to kindergartens in need

Help families get by with 166 Food Relief Packages

We are beyond grateful for your support. The pandemic truly has taken a toll on Bali, with economies all along the supply chain in tatters. But now thanks to our appeal donors, we’ll be able to spread a little more joy in 2022.

Now we look forward to 2022 and hope for a brighter future, while helping children to escape poverty through education.

There are plenty of ways to help support our work further – just see this link.

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