8th March 2016.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to share the story of Yunita, a young lady who has had a tough life, but is overcoming the odds to succeed.

12 year old Yunita was brought to our attention just a few weeks ago when one of our Area Co-ordinators heard that she was in need of help.

womens1Tragedy for Yunita

Both of her parents had passed away when she was only a toddler. Ever since then, she has been raised by her grandparents, who love her dearly, but struggle with costs of daily life – and educational costs for Yunita. Both grandparents work as labourers in the local community and earn very little.

Tragically, Yunita also lost her brother.


women2Things got worse for Yunita when she was involved in a motorcycle accident on July 4th 2013. Yunita recovered, but sadly she lost her leg. She now wears prosthesis and has gotten used to moving using her new leg. She moves with great agility, although she cannot walk far without some pain.

Before the accident she loved to dance but it seemed as if she would never dance again.

Dreams can come True

True to her incredible determined personality, Yunita defied common the odds and was determined to dance once again. women4She takes dance lessons in traditional Balinese dance and now dances as often as she can, putting hours of practice in. She knows that dream of becoming a professional dancer are slim, but she still wants to dance to the best of her ability and she loves it.

Yunita has been encouraged and supported throughout everything by her grandparents. Despite all that has happened, she has remained resolved to staying in school and following her dream.

womens5International Women’s Day in Bali

Her best news came a couple of weeks ago when she we were able to secure school sponsorship for Yunita, thanks to
Dawn and Dominique’s sponsorship. It has been the good news she has been waiting for all along.

Sadly in Bali, not every girl gets to graduate high school. Girls from poor families often drop out due to unaffordable fees and need to earn money from basic work.

We are working to change that – by providing the opportunity for girls to graduate from school and achieve their dreams. With an education, they are able to fulfill their full potential and have all the opportunities they need to succeed.

We dedicate our International Women’s Day to all girls that are denied the opportunity to gain an education around the world, and all those who help to change that.

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