29th January 2016.

When supporter James came to visit, he not only had a plan to see how sponsored Wildan was doing, but also to help deaf children in Bali.

As always, we were really excited to arrange a visit from sponsor James to meet Wildan, who he has kindly been sponsoring through school.

james2James sponsored Wildan a few months ago and when he finally came on holiday to Bali, we organised a visit to young Wildan, who lives in the mountains of north Bali.

Wildan’s Story

Since losing both his parents, 15 year old Wildan Wiliansyah and his sister live with in his grandmothers 4 room house with seven other family members. The roof of the house is broken and when it rains it leaks. His aunt, who cares for the family suffers from diabetes and poor eye sight.

james6Things were looking grim as the family were struggling to afford school fees for Wildan, who dreams of studying tourism hospitality and making a good living for his family. Thanks to James’ sponsorship, he has every chance.

James’ Support

After James heard that Wildan slept on the hard floor with his aunt, he gave a little extra – buying a new mattress, covers and some home comforts. Accompanied by Ketut, Bali Children’s Project’s Sponsorship Manager, James and Wildan had a great time meeting each other.

james4Taking sponsors to visit the children they are supporting is something we really enjoy. The children get to finally see who it is that is helping them through school and it’s a great source of inspiration. It also shows the sponsors first hand what a difference they are making.

Helping Deaf Children in Bali

james3James’ trip wasn’t over yet though. We accompanied James to a local village that has an immensely high ratio of deaf children that we are hoping to help. James, who is deaf himself, will be working to help us sponsor and provide special education for some of the deaf children most in need from the village. Stay tuned for more as we develop this.

We thank James for his visit and dedication in helping Wildan and deaf children in Bali. The only way we are able to help such children is thanks to generosity of sponsors.

Can you Help?

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please see our sponsorship waiting list, or get in touch.

If you have any ideas about donations, support or other areas to help, please email us.