20th January 2016.

There were celebrations last week as the girls from Jamu Spa graduated to become professional therapists. We couldn’t be more proud.

The renowned Jamu Traditional Spa isn’t just one of Bali’s top rates spas. They have been helping Bali Children’s Project to educate and provide work opportunities for years.

jamuLast year, through our partnership with Jamu Spa, we sent a few of our graduates to enlist in Jamu Spa’s high quality spa school. Komang Pande, who had just graduated from high school, jumped at the opportunity.

We met Komang Pande in 2012 when a teacher was looking for help for Komang and her two brothers. Komang had slipped down the river bank twice when going to bathe, and each time she broke her arm.

Because of the depth of her poverty, there was little chance that Komang would be able to continue in school. Komang was sponsored by Bali Children’s Project (via supporter Laura) to stay in school when it looked likely she would drop out.

Now Komang Pande, along with her classmates, has become a fully qualified therapist and has a whole career in front of her. We are so proud, excited and pleased to have been a part of changing Komang Pande’s life, as well as many others in Bali.

You can visit Jamu Traditional Spa in Kuta or in Sanur.