2nd February 2016.

The new year got off to a great start for four children as we were able to tell them they had been sponsored for school.

Our huge thanks go to January’s sponsors Magda and friends, Yulia and Dennis, Paul and Ibu Putu, all of whom became new sponsors.

For the children, it gave us the opportunity to tell them they can request school funding from Bali Children’s Project. The children were all selected based on the high likelihood that they would drop out of school without support.

It’s a pivotal point in the lives of the children, whose future opportunities are now wide open. We’ll be sponsoring the children right through until they graduate high school, as well as helping them out after their basic education has completed.

We ask for $40 USD a month to sponsor a child for school, all administered and distributed through a sponsorship program. If you are considering becoming a sponsor please visit our Sponsorship Waiting List, get in touch or go directly to our donate page to make your donation.

Click on the images to read each child’s story.

Children Sponsored in January 2016

Sponsored by Magda and Friends

Sponsored by Yulia and Dennis


Sponsored by Paul

Sponsored by Ibu Putu