10th November 2015.

Ayu’s wish to meet her sponsor came true last week, when Joanne came to visit Ayu and her family. Joanne brought with her a few special surprises too!

IMG_4913It’s always a pleasure to have sponsors meet the children they are helping through school. When Joanne recently became Guisti Ayu Paramitha Sari’s sponsor, she immediately starting planning a visit – and our staff were more than happy to help.

Having set up a date with our staff, Joanne came all the way to Klungkung just to meet Ayu. It’s a 2 hour ride from the hustle and bustle of Bali’s main tourist area of Kuta, but Joanne was happy to do this.

Joanne knew that our sponsorship program is making a huge difference to children from poor families, but wanted to see first hand how her sponsorship was helping Ayu.

Accompanied by Program Co-ordinator Gede, Jo and family also brought with them lots of presents for Ayu, who was excited to her that her sponsor was coming to visit.

As Jo unpacked a suitcase full of clothes, toys and toiletries, Ayu and her brother were so excited. For them, these items are luxuries. Ayu’s family struggle to afford living costs, so things like toys and clothes slip down the priority list.

IMG_4917Jo heard all about Ayu’s school progress, as the family told her about some of the fees that are required and how sponsorship is helping them.

Our sponsorship program is designed to help children from needy families stay in school. Many children from poor families are forced to drop out and find work without receiving a basic full education. There are many hidden and open fees that mean gaining a basic education can be difficult.

But Ayu and her family no longer need to worry as her sponsorship covers all school costs and also leaves a bit extra to help Ayu study at home.

Jo’s sponsorship commitment is potentially life changing for Ayu – it opens up a world of possibilities for her in the future.

We encourage any sponsor to visit the child they are helping and see first hand what their support is enabling.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please see our sponsorship waiting list, or get in touch.