Part I: Learning Centre Delight

Supporters Karmagawa were recently in Bali to join in on celebrations for three brand new projects.

Karmagawa have been funding Bali Children’s Project since 2016, with these latest projects being number 18, 19 and 20 on the list. That’s thousands of students who now have access to better quality education.

The Adam Waheed School

Our first stop was to ‘The Adam Waheed School’ – a new Learning Centre named in honor of Karmagawa supporter and comedian Adam Waheed.

Just lik eour other Learning Centres, the building is crammed full of books, imaginative 3D murals, computers and comforable seating. Previously, the building was a boring old facility that students did not want to use. After a renovation that completely changed.

Adam joined in for the official opening and ribon cutting in a fun filled day.



Part II: A Brand New School

Our second stop was to the village of Malet, who we’d previously been in September. After Karmagawa saw the conditions in which kindergarteners were learning, they donated then and there to help build a new school.

Four months later, and we had a brand new school to celebrate alongside the Malet community.

The Amir Zakeri Kindergarten

The brand new kindergarten is a building dedicated solely for young learners. On the opening day even the rain didn’t stop the community from coming out to celebrate.

Named after Karmagawa filmographer, the school is a completely new build, full of supplies, toys and educational games so the children of Malet have access to a quality kindergarten.

It was another amazing opening day, with traditional gamelan music and students experiencing the school for the first time.



Part III: Orange Country

Our third journey took us to Selulung, a community of orange farmers on the mountains slopes north of Kintamani.

To mark the 20th project completed, we had a special surprise in store. It was time to give the Selulung community the missing piece of the puzzle.

Previously, we had supported this community by opening a kindergarten and a learning centre, right next to each other, and opposite the local elementary school.

The School Bus

It’s farming country, so most students have to travel long distances to get to their school. For students who don’t have access to a motorbike, it means a long walk all the way to the school. Kids have to walk in either the pouring rain or intense sun just to get to school, with many kids have to walk over 5km up and down the hills too.

Adam was on hand to unveil the new school bus, which has been gifted to the community. Now, students are never more than a short bus ride away from learning. No longer will they skip school if it is raining. And they have much more time now that the 1-2 hour journey is no more. So they can help their parents, play or do homework. And of course it is much safer.

Bus Unveiling

Most kindergartens and libraries in Bali lack supplies and support. We are helping to improve the quality of education by providing these.

Bali Children’s Project is proud to help schools and libraries improve, as well as showing donors exactly how their funds are spent. Please help us to transform more schools in Bali.