Landmark as Karmagawa Funds 30th Project in Bali

It has been an incredible partnership with our friends at Karmagawa.

Having completed two more kindergartens in the area of Payangan, we have now worked on 30 projects together with Karmagawa.

To think back to 2016, when we had only one kindergarten (the Bali Children’s Project Kindergarten in Ubud).

With Karmagawa’s support, we were able to launch a formal program in renovating kindergartens and libraries. Not only did it help us to delvier Karmagawa projects, but also show to other potential donors how they can contribute to renovation projects.

Now, we have completed over 60 projects in total, with 30 of them being funded by Karmagawa.

The latest two projects are both kindergartens in Payangan, Bali. As a special surprise, Karmagawa founder Tim dedicated the 30th project to his mother, Jo-ann.

Fund a Library

There are many more libraries in Bali that need help to provide a better uality of education for students. If you can help, please get in touch.