Komang is an 11 year old boy who had to stop school after first grade. His widowed mother had no money to buy him shoes, uniforms or school supplies and so, like his older brother, he stopped.

This year, at the urging of the local government, Komang went back to school. He’s been really happy to have this chance and, even though it’s difficult for an 11 year old boy to repeat first grade, he’s doing it. We are appealing for a sponsor to help the costs to keep Komang in school.

His mother, seeing his motivation to continue, has borrowed money to buy him what he needs. As a widow and a rice field worker/helper, this is a great struggle as she also supports her two other children. The daughter is now sponsored through BCP.

The family lives in two rooms in very impoverished conditions and life is a struggle.  The mother is determined that these children go to school, and so are they. Please help Komang achieve his dream to finish school and make his life more comfortable and filled with greater potential than he could have with no schooling.