Did you know there are over 300 regional languages in Indonesia?
Indonesian is the national language, but many regencies have their own languages, just like Bali has the Balinese language.
Most books are available in the national language Indonesian, but we’ve also been supplying books in Balinese.
It’s important for children to read in Balinese as well as Indonesian.
These books were kindly purchased by donor Katheryn and are being delivered to libraries in rural Bali.
During the pandemic, libraries opening hours are limited, but children can also rent books to read at home.
Just look at the smiles the books create!
If you’d like to donate books for libraries in rural Bali, please get in touch. You can also donate directly through our donation page or check our the list of libraries needing support.

Bali Children’s Project relies on support of kind people to donate books to children and villages

You can specify your donation goes specifically to books, or to supporting a library project renovation in Bali.