A GIRLS W BANNERWe are very excited to say that this years HIV, AIDS and sex education workshops have begun!

Lead by BCP’s Opy Sulaeman and our fantastic team of staff, we visited our first schools of 2015 for the engaging workshops.

To kick the workshops off in 2015, we visited high schools in the Gianyar regency of central Bali. At the Tampaksiring High School, the kids immediately engaged with the fun but important sessions.

The workshops include plenty of ways for the kids to learn about sexual health, including video presentations, a mini lecture, a questions and answers session, group work, activities and even role play (learning how to correctly apply male and female condoms).

A SEX ED WORKSHOP TAMPAKSIRINGThe kids were listening intently to the workshops – something that isn’t normally included in national curriculum. The eye opening sessions mean that the children we teach are better prepared to protect themselves.

It is hard to put a price on the value of the sessions that bring a totally new and vastly unrecognised topic to the forefront of kids’ minds.

A EKA BELLA AND TRIFollowing our work with the same schools in 2014, we were invited back by many schools who recognise the importance of teaching their children about sexual education. This year we’ll be reaching out to even more schools, thanks to funding received from the Mel Wolf Foundation.

Our aims are to reach 40 schools across 8 regencies this year, delivering 5 workshops per regency. Based on an average attendance of 70 children in the workshops, the sessions will read over 2,800 children. That’s a huge amount of Bali’s youngsters who are in-the-know about issues relating to sexual health.

Although we have some funding for the program, the more funds we can gain, the more children we can reach. We are planning to expand the program as much as possible in the future so we can give crucial education to as many students as possible.

If you can help fund our sessions now and in the future, please donate and select ‘sex education, HIV & AIDS’ in your donation information.