Milestone as 500 Students are Sponsored for School

Bali Children’s Project reached a huge milestone this week – reaching 500 sponsored children, thanks to the generosity of donors throughout the world.

Sponsorships change lives by giving children a guaranteed route through school.

A Huge Milestone

As our first ever program, sponsorships were originally set up in response to children having no choice but to drop out of school.

The program started in the 1990’s with just one kind person sponsoring a small number of students to stay in school. Now that number has reached 500 active sponsorships.

It is all thanks to kind sponsors throughout the world who have given these children a chance at a better future.

Our sponsorship waiting list gives brief stories about students who are at risk of dropping out and asks for help with sponsorships.

ak the cycle of poverty within their family.


Without an education, students have little choice but to follow their parents and work as day laborers.

Sponsorships for School

In Bali, many families live in poverty. With high schools charging entry fees and ongoing school costs, these families are presented with an impossible decision.

Sadly, if the money isn’t there, children are given no choice but to drop out of school.

Children end up dropping out of school and have limited choices in life. Without an education their futures are largely restricted to basic day labouring or as farmhands.

However, given the ability to finish school, their futures completely change. Armed with an education, children have far better chances of finding jobs and working their way out of poverty.

According to official statistics, 1 in 5 students will not complete high school in Bali. However, in some remote areas, it is as few as 1 in 2.

Suryani is one of our former graduates who is now working in hotel administration, even in the pandemic.

Thousands of Lives Changed

When students complete school, it’s a huge celebration. Most of the students we sponsor are the first in their family to ever graduate from high school.

It’s a sad truth, but also hugely promising for the rest of their lives.

Equipped with a high school diploma, students have far better prospects in life, and can break the cycle of poverty within their family.

Sponsor a Child for School

Sponsoring a child means they can have a future of opportunities. Each sponsorship is $40 USD per month and guarantees students a route through high school.