With Bali’s largest active volcano, Mount Agung at it’s highest threat level, Bali Children’s Project is mobilizing support for families displaced by the surrounding evacuation.

***This article was written on 25th September 2017. There are several updates available here***

Mount Agung

There are thousands of families in Bali who have had no choice but to leave their homes. It’s part of a mandatory mass evacuation following rising worries that Mount Agung will erupt.

Thankfully, there is good news. Firstly, the evacuations seem to have come in time. For sponsors understandably worried about the status of the children they support through Bali Children’s Project, we have further good news.

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Children Leave Home

All children in the surrounding area sponsored through Bali Children’s Project are accounted for, with many currently living in government run in evacuation/refugee camps out of range of the possible eruption. Other children and families have been sent to relatives further afield.

While safety is top priority, many families have left their possessions and have little in the way of supplies. That means they are left with very little.

Bali Children’s Project Support

On Monday 25th September, Bali Children’s Project visited three evacuation areas to offer assistance to local authorities. Authorities within Rendang and Tejakula told us about their needs.

Local authorities in Rendang told us as of 25th September, there were more than 7,000 people over 39 separate evacuation camps, which includes makeshift tents as well as banjar buildings (village halls) and villager’s houses.

Working together with local authorities helps us to know exactly how best we can help. Thankfully basic provisions like food and water are now well supplied. However, we were specifically asked for supplies to help children to remain calm and occupied.

School Support Manager Ayu Trisna and assistant Villy were at north coast evacuation camps, donating the first supplies to communities in need.

Finance Manager Ayu Candra spent the weekend helping her cousins, grandmother and aunt evacuate from their home in Bebandem.

Sex Education Manager Opy Suluaman was running workshops in the area when the threat was raised over the weekend. Opy and the team visited one of the largest camps in Klungkung.

Confusing Time

While there have been no major eruptions at the time of writing, many children are confused and bored. Many have been welcomed into new schools already, while mothers with babies are lacking supplies.

There has already been an overwhelming response with many organisations and community leaders in Bali. It is truly a marvel to see how this island comes together in times of trouble.

Moving forward, we are keen to provide the items that will improve lives of children. Reducing stress and confusion for children will greatly help families. This is why we are requesting items specifically to help children.

What you can do to Help

At the time of writing there has been no eruption, but it is very likely to happen in the coming days or weeks.

We are collecting as many supplies as we can in order to donate to communities in need proactively – so if the worst does happen, communities are ready.

Bali Children’s Project has launched an appeal to help provide much needed items for children in evacuation camps.

Donations will be spent directly on emergency relief items that have been requested via local authorities.

For as long as it is safe, the Bali Children’s Project team will be working with local authorities to deliver supplies that will help children in the evacuation camps.

Our focus is on helping families with children and babies, so supplies  are focused on what can make life easier (and based on village leader/local authority advice).

Items can be delivered to our office in Ubud, or donations will enable us to buy these items.

Our thanks also to neighbours and friends Cafe Vespa for encouraging support.

What Supplies are Needed?

3M Dust Masks (N95)

Children’s Toys and Games

Children’s Books (in Indonesian)

Baby food

Baby Toiletries and Supplies

Children’s/Baby clothes

Arts and Crafts Supplies (papers, colouring books, pencils etc.)

Female toiletries

General toiletries

and more…