2nd October 2017.

Mount Agung Update: Follow threat of eruption from Mount Agung, Bali Children’s Project have been busy helping evacuated families.

For over a week, Bali has been gripped by reports that Mount Agung will soon erupt. The danger is real, after the last eruption in 1963 killed over 1,000 people. Thankfully, up until now there have been no major eruptions (at the time of writing – 30th September 2017).

What has happened though, is that thousands of families have found themselves unable to return their homes in the ‘red zone’. Most are living in evacuation camps dotted all around, with over 7,000 people alone evacuating to nearby Rendang (14 kilometers from the summit, 2 kilometers into the ‘safe zone’).

Having met with village leaders and local authorities in charge of several evacuation camps, the Bali Children’s Project team have been identifying how best we can help.

We have made a short video to show how we are helping communities through this difficult time. It’s all thanks to those who have supported our Mount Agung Ecavuees Appeal.

We will be continuing support, including distributing breathing masks in the event of major ash fall.