Multiple Donors Create a New Library

Thanks to several library donations, supporters have clubbed together to transform yet another library.

Many supporters will be aware that libraries in Bali are almost non-existent. Although there is a designated building in each school, most libraries do not have quality books or supplies to run a library.

Libraries come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes buildings that are in good condition just require furniture, paint and a new compliment of books.

This is exactly what happened at “Bondalem 9 Elementary”. The school’s library building was structurally sound, however, it was still not used by children.

The reason was due to the poor quality books, supplies and furniture. The building was not inspiring and so children rarely used it.

A look at the books also showed why even a library with a good building was not used. Many of the books were over 20 years old and were plain, uninspiring text books.

Thanks to donations from several library donors, we were able to renovate Bondalem 9 Elementary library and turn it into a wonderful new learning space.

The library renovation was funded by Bridget, Corinna, Shanna, Karen, Hector’s Football Fundraiser at Finn’s Rec Club and Karma Resorts. Clubbing the donations together shows how even a small donation can go towards creating a big impact.

For the 200+ students at this school, the renovation is a big deal.

Full of exciting, colourful and imaginative library books, the library now offers children a wonderful new learning environment.

It’s a huge boost for the school and children, who have already made great use of the library. It offers a new world for children to learn, replacing what was seen as a boring old building before.

Donors are invited to support libraries, which can cost anywhere between 2,500 USD and 25,000 USD. If you’d like to part fund a project, all donations big or small can be directed to specific library projects until we’ve reached our goal.



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Libraries in Bali rely on support in order to renovate. If you can help please get in touch.