13th April 2016.

Exciting developments as Bali Children’s Project launch a brand new English Learning Program to help children who would otherwise miss out on learning the essential language.

Teaching English language skills to children from underprivileged families, enhancing their future opportunities. 

ELP6Why Teach English?

The English language is one of the most important things a child growing up in Bali can learn.

The holiday island of Bali receives millions of international visits a year. Tourism is Bali’s largest economy and is always growing.

ELP4Knowing English is a must for any child with dreams of working in tourism.

Aside from toursim, English is one the most spoken languages on the planet. Speaking English can greatly enhance future opportunities.

Our English Learning Program focuses on teaching children already sponsored and those on our Sponsorship Waiting List.

ELP2English Learning Program

On each day of the week, we run our language sessions in different areas.

Focusing mainly on spoken English, the sessions are an opportunity for children to get completely free lessons.

Many children want to learn English, but find their options limited, as their families cannot afford extra educational sessions.


The English Learning Program uses our own curriculum. The idea is to focus on learning spoken English, using real situations.

Anastasia Restu, our English Learning Program Co-ordinator developed the curriculum especially for Bali Children’s Project.

Anastasia’s classes are really helping to develop English skills for children who would normally miss out.

ELP1Volunteer Options

We have limited spaces for volunteering within the English Learning Program.

We request volunteers are able to be independent (e.g. travel, accommodation etc.), have the correct visa and have a relevant skill or qualification.

Please get in touch to find out more.