16th November 2016.

17 year old Linda Yani and three other children have new futures thanks to a series of kindness from supporters.

Yuni's mother painting statues for a living.

Yuni’s mother painting statues for a living.

Her family has fallen on difficult times. After Linda Yani’s father passed away from cancer in 2014, the main income of the family disappeared with him.

Hard Times

After the loan they had taken was stolen through fraud, plunging the family further into debt. Linda Yani’s mother works painting statues for sale and earns less than $3 USD a day. With so much debt and such little income, there was no way she’d be able to afford to send Linda Yani and Made Alya to school.

As school costs mounted, Linda Yani’s future became more uncertain. Without being able to pay her fees, she would never formally graduate.

Yuni's brother Made Alya is now sponsored by The Viceroy.

Yuni’s brother Made Alya is now sponsored.


Linda Yani’s Future Dreams

Linda Yuni says thank you to Bruce.

Linda Yuni says thank you to Bruce.

Without a graduation certificate, Linda Yani’s hopes of getting a job would be dealt a severe blow. Ni Putu Yunik Lindayani is ranked second in her class and is determined to work in the hospitality industry. She is full of joy despite her situation and truly has a bright future – if she can graduate.

Sadly in Bali, school is not free. High school becomes more expensive each year and many children never graduate.

With an uncertain school future, Linda Yani was told to forget about her dream of working in a hotel.

Linda Yani and Made Alya were put straight on our Sponsorship Waiting List when we heard their situation.

But the big question was, would they be sponsored? The question was answered emphatically when supporter Bruce not only sponsored Linda Yani but paid off her $130 USD school bill. The good fortune didn’t end there.

New Future for Four Children

Fast forward a few months and life has drastically changed for Linda Yani and her brother Made Alya.

While Linda Yani was sponsored by Bruce, Made Alya also found a sponsor thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Ubud Collaborative Chefs Charity Lunch. The lunch enabled sponsorship for three children in total – Made Alya and two other teenagers Ayu Apriliani and Ni Luh Putu Lind Dewi.

Ni Luh Putu is one of the three children sponsored by The Viceroy.

Ni Luh Putu is one of the three children sponsored by The Viceroy.

The charity lunch had chosen to support Bali Children’s Project and involved 7 of Bali’s best chefs and many kind businesses and individuals who not only participated but donated to raise 64,000,000 IDR (approximately $4,700 USD).

From left to right: Anthony (Viceroy), Made Alya, Apriliani, Anastatia (BCP), Linda Yani, Ni Luh Putu, Margeret and Bo the Dog.

From left to right: Anthony (Viceroy), Made Alya, Apriliani, Anastasia (BCP), Linda Yani, Ni Luh Putu, Margeret and Bo the Dog.

A Day to Remember

Things got better when the four sponsored children were invited to come and meet The Viceroy Bali for lunch.

Visiting a world famous, 5 star hotel was just beyond any of their expectations.

Linda Yani had one more surprise in store. When asked about her dreams, she explained her dream to work in a hotel…even though she knew it was unlikely.

So when the management told Linda Yani that she would be able to apply for a job once she graduated, she couldn’t believe it.

Linda Yani, along with the three other sponsored children are now looking at school with a determination to graduate and real hope for their future job prospects.

The Difference of Sponsorship

It’s hard to put into words the change in fortunes for Linda Yani’s family. From having no hope of formal graduation, Linda Yani has a potential future in her dream job, while brother Made Alya is set to follow his own path now that his education is secured.

Ayu Apriliani and Ni Luh Putu Linda Dwei also have their fortunes turned around by such a simple change in life.

We are thankful to sponsor Bruce, the countless efforts from all involved in the Ubud Collaborative Chef’s Charity Lunch  and The Viceroy Bali, who have enabled us to change these lives.

How to Help

If you would like to sponsor a child through school, please see our guide on How to Sponsor.