Sex Ed in Bali’s Schools

It’s the start of a new school year – and a huge opportunity for schools and children to learn.

After working with schools all over the island, Bali Children’s Project is pleased to say that our Sex Education program has been rolled out in more schools.

The program aims to give schools the ability to deliver their own sex education workshops.

Indonesia has no formal sex education program in the national curriculum.

Unequipped with essential knowledge about sex, students go into adolescence at risk of sexual disease, teenage pregnancy and a lack of understanding of how sex can impact their lives.

Working With Schools

Our main aim is to get schools inspired about delivering their own workshops.

To do this, Bali Children’s Project presents schools, teachers and health clubs (known as KSPAN) with plans, videos and a structure that they can emulate.

Schools then report to our team with their progress, while our two full time members of staff provide assistance, support and guidance all-year round.

Providing awareness booklets, an extensive YouTube channel and a training guide, schools have been given the materials to back up the workshops.

New Year Starts with a Bang

Earlier in 2022, 78 schools signed a decree in the Bali Governor’s Office committing to enshrine sex education in their schools.

After months of preparation, most schools delivered the workshops as part of their ‘induction week’ – the first week of the new school year.

The YouTube channel ‘It’s My Life by Bali Children’s Project’ has generated over 4,000 views so far in 2022 – a significant number considering many ‘plays’ are to classrooms full of children.

Schools are supported by the Bali Children’s Project team, a teacher’s training guide and step-by-step videos which explore puberty, adolescence, sexual disease, pregnancy and drug use.

Support Needed

Operating on a reduced budget this year, we’ve been proud to see our team double down and inspire schools to give life-changing education – all in a way that empowers the schools themselves.

The project in 2022 is supported by the McDonald Family and the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Preventative education programs are essential to equipping young adults with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. However, programs such as this are also the most difficult to raise funding for – with many funders preferring ‘already affected’ populations.

It means that every year the project has an uncertain future. Currently, no funds have been raised for the program to continue in 2023.

If you can help us secure a future for this program, please get in touch.

Support Sex Education

We are urgently seeking support for 2023 and beyond. If you can help fund this program, please get in touch.