New Year Brings 19 New Sponsorships

Exciting news for 19 students in Bali as new sponsorships secured their school futures.

Education Implosion

With a seemingly never ending pandemic, family income is at an all time low. Children are bearing the weight of the financial pressure as parents struggle to pay for food, let alone their children’s school fees.

It’s a stark truth in Bali that 1 in 5 students do not graduate high school. Sadly, that figure is set to increase after the pandemic’s devastating economic impact.

However, we are changing futures for these students through sponsorships.

Alternative Futures

School sponsorships offer children hope for the future. Instead of dropping out and being confined to basic day labour work, they are able to graduate from high school, opening up a world of opportunity.

Just like Komang, once graduated, these students are able to apply themselves to their education and carve out new futures in work.

The 19 new sponsorships represent 19 lives changes – and futures.

It’s thanks to the new sponsorships created in December and January. We thank Jane, Adonis, Sara, Nikitha, The Rice Family, Yolly, The McHugh Family, Thomas, The O’Connor Family, Barry, Verla, Lisa, Tilly, Guy and Dave.

You can become a sponsor too. See our Sponsorship Waiting List for more.

Students Sponsored

Sponsor a Student for School

You can help change a child’s life through the gift of education. To find out more about sponsorships, visit the link below.