We bring fantastic news that Ni Luh Rasmiati is now sponsored for school! A HUGE thank you to the lovely Cecilie, who has become Ni Luh’s sponsor!

Ni Luh is an adorable 7 year old first grader. She’s a sweet young girl who always wears a smile, even though she is going through difficult times.

Ni Luh’s father works at a wood factory and her mother works really hard as a laborer, digging ditches to help support the family. Despite both working extremely hard, they struggle to make ends meet and cannot afford the costs to send their daughter to school.

We heard about Ni Luh after a local school teacher who knew the family appealed for help.

The father has a chronic stomach ailment which has caused him to collapse and so he cannot always work at hard labor.

Because of the extreme poverty of this family the government has built them a new house. This family really struggles, and we hope that through sponsorship Rasmiati will have an opportunity to have an education and a better quality life. It’s hard for girls to stay in school, especially with so little money.

It costs $40 per month to send a child to school in Bali, but it will make a lifetime of difference. You can see all children currently needing sponsorship here.