Nine Students Sponsored for School

Thanks to our latest sponsors, we’ve been able to secure school futures for nine new students in Bali.

Each student had joined our waiting list due to their dire situations, which would have led them into extreme debt or dropping out from school.

But thanks to Jane & Olivia, Adonis, Sara, Nikitha, The Rice Family, Yolly, The McHugh Family and Thomas, these students will now be staying in school.

In Bali, one in five students never graduate from high school. We find these students and change their futures through sponsorships. The sponsorships cover all their school needs, including expensive school enrolment fees.

We are so thankful for our newest sponsors, as well as our continuing sponsors who are helping us to support over 500 students to stay in school.

Meet November’s Sponsored Students

Become a Sponsor

Our Sponsorship Waiting List is updated daily with students who need help to stay in school. It is life changing for them and their famlies to receive a sponsorship. You can see the sponsorship waiting list by clicking on the link below.