29th March 2017.

Norway came to Bali in March, as efforts from Norwegian students sparked a great transformation in a run down kindergarten in the mountains of Tabanan, Bali.

When students from Norway’s Frogn High School got in touch asking how they could help, Bali Children’s Project had the perfect idea.

On our Waiting List of schools to help was TK Widya Kumara, in the north Tabanan mountains. The school already had a great building, after the local primary school donated their old space.

But wear and tear was showing in the preschool that is over 30 years old. The schools tables were infested with termites and were literally disintegrating. The dull walls of the school (and dubious clown photographs) didn’t exactly make for a great learning space.

The school lacked many supplies and furniture, and despite it’s dedicated teacher, struggled to provide a high quality learning standard.

Frogn high school is located in Drobak, Norway. Led by teachers Cecilie and Christian, students dedicated their fundraising efforts to help TK Widya Kumara through a ‘Big Vintage Sale’ in January, where students, teachers collected and sold clothes.

It was all in preparation for the March trip to Bali. The timing was perfect as the funds raised allowed Bali Children’s Project to buy all new supplies, furniture and materials for the school.

There was also something special planned by the students from Frogn High School. They would be donating their time and efforts to personally helping the TK Widya Kumara.

Over the course of two days, the students worked hard to sort through donations and build a sturdy new fun outdoor playground.

The mammoth task was to repaint and turn the inside of the school into a bright and welcoming learning space for students. And the students rose to the challenge. Repainting three layers of two large rooms is no easy task, let alone also creating a great new mural.

When they arrived, the school was in quite poor condition, but upon leaving the school had a new playground, a bright new interior and was completely kitted out with new furniture and supplies.

It was all to give existing and future students at TK Widya Kumara the opportunity to learn in a better environment, and the Frogn students certainly achieved that.

Our thanks to the our dedicated Schools Support Manager Ayu Jero, our Libraries Program Manager Gusti Ayu who both did a great job setting things up and overseeing the mini project.

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