2nd November 2016.

Thanks to the kind sponsors of Viceroy Bali, Karina and Thomas, we were able to secure a school future for 5 more children in Bali.

Our heartfelt thanks go to November’s new sponsors Karina, Thomas and Viceroy Bali who have all made the incredible commitment to help children from disadvantaged families to stay in school.

Sponsorships truly make a difference to families. It takes the pressure of paying school fees off, securing something many families can’t afford – a full basic education.

Sponsorships simultaneously relieve the necessity of some children to drop out so they can earn basic income for their families (usually as ad hoc labourers).

Our continued thanks goes to all existing sponsors, who together are carving out a future for 233 children in Bali.

You can read the individual stories of each of November’s sponsored children by clicking the images below.

Find out more about sponsorships and why they are important