24th August 2016.

Supporters NZI had a great surprise in store for children in Bali, as they donated 30 school entry backpacks to children who needed help.

When New Zealand based Insurance company NZI had a recent conference in Bali, they wanted to do something to give back to local people.

Seeing Bali Children’s Project’s program to provide School Entry Backpacks to elementary students in Bali, NZI donated funds to purchase 30 backpacks.

Why Backpacks?

While elementary schooling doesn’t charge students entry/running fees, the poorest families still struggle with costs for materials, clothing, shoes and more. All combined, this is a stress for families who can barely afford food, let alone extras.

It means that many children go to school with inadequate equipment and uniforms. In some cases, children stop going to school due to feelings of shame/inferiority.

School Entry Backpacks are our solution to this problem. Providing backpacks means that children get all they need to go to school. They need not worry about whether their families can afford the fees.

What’s in a Backpack?

– 4 school uniforms (regular, batik, sport, scouts)

– 1 pair of black school shoes

– A school backpack

– School supplies (books, pens, pencils and pencil case)

Additional items as needed by each child

*Note: This program is aimed at grade 1-5. For children grades 6-12, costs rise, hence the need for monthly sponsorship.

New Zealand Insurance – NZI

Speaking about why they chose Bali Children’s Project’s School Entry Packs,  NZI’s Michelle Burdett told us;

‘NZI was delighted to be able to support this worthwhile initiative as part of our conference in Bali this year. The Bali Children’s Project is doing some fantastic work, and it was a privilege to support this project with 30 new backpacks and school supplies for children that might otherwise have gone without.’

Each year Bali Children’s Project gathers a waiting list of children in need of School Entry Backpacks. The backpacks are then delivered in June, July and August of each year – in tandem with availability of school issued uniforms.

We are so happy to have helped 30 children go to school thanks to NZI, replacing embarrassment and shame with encouragement and pride. In fact, this is the largest single donation ever received for the School Backpack Program. Michelle continued;

‘Education is such an essential part of escaping the cycle of poverty, and we’re pleased we could make this small contribution as part of our event in your beautiful country.’

If you are able to support this program, you can find out more here or get in touch with Bali Children’s Project.

If your business is interested in becoming a corporate supporter of Bali Children’s Project, please contact us.