18th June 2015

In May and June we completed the next stage of our wide impacting Sex Education, HIV & AIDS workshops, this time focusing on schools in north Bali.

This time, we were in the regency of Buleleng – spanning a huge area across north Bali. Our sex education work is vital to help youngsters understand and avoid sexual disease, as well as many other issues relating to sexual health.

The region includes some of the most remote schools in Bali, and the longest travel time for our team of dedicated educators, led by BCP’s Opi Sulaeman.

2It was time to return to some schools who we’ve worked with in the past and meet new schools, who recently joined our program  this year. Our aims of bringing sexual education into schools in Bali are really starting to pay off.

Opi and our team of facilitators visited 5 separate schools, delivering 5 sessions. We had been invited in by every school after they saw the value of sex education.


The sessions were extremely well attended and as usual, the children aged 15 and upwards were soaking up what is normally considered a taboo subject in Balinese society.3

There was such excitement in the schools we visited that children from other classes were queueing up outside to hear about something not normally in their curriculum.

The 5 hour sessions were full of fun, laughter and a serious message – staying healthy when children enter their sexual life. We were welcomed by heads of each school, as well as the government’s health co-ordinators in the area.

Our sexual education sessions are only able to happen with funding and we receive no financial government support for delivering these. 100% of funds for the program comes from kind donors, especially the Mel Wolf Foundation, who this year have kindly funded the majority of costs.4

We will be looking forward to visiting Buleleng next year as we hope to grow the program to impact more schools, children and communities.

If you can help support our Sex Education, HIV & AIDS workshops, please get in touch or donate here.

This year, we’ve already made our way around a large area of Bali, visiting multiple schools starting in Gianyar, Badung, Jembrana and Buleleng. Next up we’ll be off to visit schools in Kulngjung/Karengasem (east Bali).

For those of you wondering what a ‘workshop’ involves, it’s actually a carefully crafted sessions that has a focus on fun, but with a serious message behind it.IMG_6894

1. Opening

A speech from head master of schools or government Health Department or AIDS Commission of regency.

2. BCP Intro

A short welcome and introduction of BCP staff, followed by a very quick summary of why we are there.

IMG_73223. Ice breaker
‘Brain Gym’ for 15 minutes to get children relaxed and comfortable with the workshop.
4. Pre test

A very brief test (10 minutes), to ascertain current knowledge of drugs, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health.

5. High life
Students are asked to stand up and give current opinions over the microphone.
6. Interactive discussion & presentation

Divided into 7 groups, each groups has different topics to discuss and presentationIMG_6684.

7. Post test

The same 10 minute test as before the sessions started – helping us to see how their knowledge has increased (see bottom of this page)


A speech from our friend who lives with HIV, discussing her experiences and advice.

9. Condom simulation

This normally this gets the most giggles, but the most engagement too. Learning how to properly apply a condom using real condoms and wooden models.IMG_7154

10. Vision board

Making blue print for student vision of life.

In 2015 we are aiming to reach out to 40 schools across every single regency of Bali – aiming to impact 2800 children!

We see these sessions as critically important to the future health and lives of children. It gives them the ability to make their own informed decisions that can change the direction of their lives.

6It is only thanks to funding from the Mel Wolf Foundation that we are able to undertake these sessions.