Philanthropy Group Funds Three Schools in Bali

Thanks to new support from a private philanthropy group, Bali Children’s Project is pleased to announce that another three school projects have opened in Bali.

The support enabled Bali Children’s Project to renovate an old libary, transforming it into a learning center in an elementary school.

The other two projects focus on young learners, with a brand new kindergarten built from scratch and a renovation to an old teachers dormitory.

Combined, these projects will have a huge impact on children in rural areas of Bali. You can see all of the videos from the three projects below.

If you are interested in support new build projects or renovations in Bali, please get in touch.

Abuan Learning Center

Bakas Kindergarten Renovation

Payungan Kindergarten New Build

Fund a School

There are many kindergartens in Bali that need support. Underequipped and lacking good quality buildings, a renovation can completely change the standard of early education for rural villages.