Bali Children’s Project is proud to announce a brand new learning centre for the village of Wanagiri, funded by a generous private donor.

Although school is currently closed in Bali due to the pandemic, the need for quality learning facilities has stayed the same.

Schools are tentatively due to reopen under a ‘new normal’, and our focus remains firmly on children’s futures.

While our COVID-19 Food Packages Appeal has helped to raised over 25,000 USD so far, it’s important to remember the pandemic will pass and children in Bali still need access to books, computers and more.

Wanagiri Elementary

Deep in the mountains of Bali, Wanagiri village’s elementary school hosts over one hundred students.

Upon visiting the school to review their library, it was clear the school needed help.

The school is in an area where over 90% of people are farmers. There is high poverty in this area, with many people applying for Bedah Rumah (the Indonesian Government’s social housing program for the poorest people). There are 200 students at the school.

As with many libraries, there is a building provide as part of the school. However, the books were old and boring – mainly plain text, black and white study books which just were not interesting. As a result, the students hardly bother to go into the library.


Thanks to support from a private donor, we were able to fully fund the renovation of the building and transform it into one of our trademark learning centres.

The process fixes the building, provides new furniture, painting and of course books. All learning centres are given computers to help children become IT literate.

Old, boring books are replaced by interesting and engaging books.

What was a building children hardly used has now become the pride of the school. What’s more, our agreement with the school means the learning centre will also deliver English lessons and IT lessons – something that was missing before.

It’s a huge improvement to the school and will make a wonderful learning space for years to come. It will help children learn, grow and develop their skills and dreams.



Bali Children’s Project has a long list of libraries and learning centres in need of renovation. You can help fund a library too!

If you’d like to help create a library or learning centre in Bali, please get in touch or see our Fund a Library page