Meet  Putu Sudarja and his family. Putu lives in with his family of eleven in one small house. He  is seeking sponsorship for school.

Putu dreams of becoming a police man so he can earn enough to look after his family, and hopefully one day to afford school costs for his own children. The family have no toilet so shower in the river. To help make ends meet, Putu works all hours.

As costs rise for school, Putu’s only hope of seeing through a full education is by getting a sponsor to help support costs and fees.

Please contact us at to sponsor young Putu. Or you can sponsor directly by going to our A PUTU SUDIRJA WITH FAMILYdonate page and marking your donation ‘FOR PUTU SUDARJA”. Sponsorship is $40 per month and covers all school costs, materials, school fees and administration of sponsorship.

Below is Putu’s translated letter to his potential sponsor. Could you help him?

I always get up at 6 o’clock in the morning and I usually sweep the floor after I get up. I take a bath in the river, put on my school uniform, pray to the God and then go to school. When I arrive at the school I put my bag in the classroom. Before study begins, I play in the yard with my friends. After the bell is ringing, we enter the classroom and we start to study. We get a break time for a while and then we enter the classroom to study again. After that we go home together by walking. When I arrive home I usually work to help my mother to get money, so I can get an allowance for my school. I go back home in the afternoon. I take a bath in the river and then eat a very simple meal with my family. After eating, I study and then I sleep with my family in one bedroom.

I am 9 years old. I am in the 3rd grade of elementary school and I study at SD N 3 Bongkasa. I have one younger brother and one younger sister. I live in Bongkasa village with my parents, but my younger brother and younger sister live with our aunt and uncle. My father and mother are workers. I live with eleven family members. We live in a very A FAMILY ROOM OF PUTU SUDURJAsimple house, because we are from poor family. In our house, we only have one bedroom and I sleep with my parents. We don’t have a toilet, so we have to go to the river to take a bath. We don’t have enough and healthy food to eat. My father has vertigo disease, so it makes us so sad.

I also usually help my family’s finance by carrying the liquid propane gas. I usually do that after study at school. Sometimes I play football because my hobbies are playing football & cycling. I also study together with my friends.

My favorite subjects are Religion and Math. I love study so much, that is why I want to study until graduate from University because I want to help my family, I want to get a better job and a better life, but I am from a poor family. My parents can’t pay my school needs, so I really need this A PUTU SUDIRJA BY BALEsponsorship to continue my study.

When I grow up I want to be a policeman. At the school I don’t get English subject because I am still in the 3rd grade of elementary school and that starts in fourth grade, but I want to have an English course, because I realize English is so important for me. We can’t afford for me to take an extra English course now. If I can get this sponsorship, I promise I will study hard, do the best for my study, for my family, for myself and I really thanks to you.

Thank you,

Putu Sudirja