27 Students Sponsored

In a truly incredible month, people from all around the world sponsored 27 students from our waiting list in April.

To put this into context, that is the highest number of students ever sponsored in one single month!

What is truly amazing though isn’t the number or statistic. It is the new opportunities that these 27 students will now have in life. And it is all thanks to the kind sponsors who selflessly have decided to help these children find better futures.

Government statistics tell us 1 in 5 students in Bali will not finish high school. But that is not the whole story. In many villages, this statistic is much higher, with some villages have above a 50% drop out rate. We find these students and ensure they can finish school through sponsorships.

However it cannot be done without a combined effort from individuals all over the world.

Our thanks goes to Zsolt, Hannah, Clover, Sabrina, Erin, Barry, Serge, Janice, Ben & Emma, COMO Uma, Mark, Karin and Elle & Tracy

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, you can see the Sponsorship Waiting List here.

You can become a sponsor and help change the course of a child’s life in Bali.

Sponsorships cover all associated costs for school and help children who would normally drop out to stay in school and graduate.