23rd February 2016.

Children all over Bali have been getting a special surprise, thanks to support from Bali’s Regents School.

To celebrate the last day of term before the holidays, Bali’s Regents School did something extra special; by running their end of term fair as a fundraising day for Bali Children’s Project.

Regents School Fun Day Poster
Selling Lemon Tea to Raise Funds
Kadek Beni and his mother were overwhelmed Sudarsana's new bedIt was an incredible day that included talent shows, class competitions and of course lots of fundraising activities.

The students set up their own stalls selling ice cream, sweet corn, ice tea, pizza and more.

It was really a lovely gesture from the teachers, parents and students at the school, who managed to raise 20,000,000 IDR (almost 1,500 USD).

Funds put to Good Use

The generosity of the donation didn’t stop there. Regents School told us we could use the funds were they are needed most.

One of the areas that we often lack is resources to provide children at home. With School Sponsorships top of our list, providing ‘Quality made ayu melianaof Life’ support is something much needed.

Most children and families we help have very little at home – not even a comfortable mattress or transport for getting to school.

So when the donation came in we got purchasing a few essentials for some of the children we support. Mattresses, cupboards, bikes and more were brought and delivered, much to the delight of the children.

In total we were able to spend half of the donations made. We purchased five complete bed sets (mattresses, pillows and sheets), a bike and cupboards, all delivered to different children in need.

Regents School Support Continues

The support doesn’t end there though. With the remaining funds, Regents School will be helping us to equip a new school through our Schools Support program.

Many preschools and kindergartens lack resources and funding in Bali. It leaves them without the ability to educate to a high standard – especially as these schools normally cater for the poorest of communities/students.

The funds will help to repaint, buy teaching equipment and materials for Pejeng School.

Not only that, we are planning to bring the Regents School students along to see first hand how their efforts are helping children less fortunate.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to the students, parents and teachers of the Regents School.

Are you a school or business looking to start a charity partnership with Bali Children’s Project? Please get in touch or see our current business sponsors to find out more.