San Diego Comes to Bali

Bali Children’s Project thanks San Diego State University as we were able to renovate yet another library in Bali.

Students from San Diego State Univeresity came all the way to Bali to learn about the charitable sector. Not only did they come to learn, but they also actively support our work by funding a library.

Most children in rural areas of Bali do not own a book. Sadly many school libraries are in such poor condition that children never even go inside.

That has all changed at an elementary school in Bungbungan, Klungkung. San Diego State University, through our partners Desitanation Asia, enabled us to transform this library. From a poor quality store room, the building has become the gateway into a new world of imagination.

If you are interested in supporting a library in Bali, you can find out more here.

There are many more libraries and Learning Centres in Bali needing help. If you can donate books or help us renovate, please get in touch.

Bali Children’s Project is proud to help schools and libraries improve, as well as showing donors exactly how their funds are spent. Please help us to transform more libraries in Bali.