26th June 2017.

Bali Children’s Project’s landmark Sex Education Program continues to save lives of youths in Bali, through school engagement and workshops.

It’s the largest program of it’s kind in Bali, reaching out to over 12,000 teenagers in Bali, as well as schools representing 60,000+ students combined.

Bali’s HIV/AIDS Woes

The program has never been so big, but there has also never been such a high need. Latest government reports say there was a total number of 18,673 confirmed cases of HIV and AIDS in Bali – it’s the latest figure in a worrying rising trend.

With such a shocking revelation, responses that proactively seek to raise understanding and prevent disease prevalence have never been more crucial.

However, there are precious few programs in Bali aimed at doing so, further  highlighting the importance of proactive education.

Driving Knowledge

Visiting 5 schools in each of Bali’s 9 regencies, Bali Children’s Project’s proactive education program in sex education has continued its value – so far reaching out to 20 schools in Gianyar, Denpasar, Badung and Tabanan. Over 2,345 students have so far been directly involved.

Our post and pre multiple choice tests are a great indicator of our impact. The pre tests show that students have a distinct lack of knowledge in many similar areas.

Students on average posted a 25% – 31% increase in knowledge, across each area of Bali. These results show how teenagers are able to take in potentially life saving information.

So far in the 20 schools visited in 2017, pre-test knowledge averages at 50.6%, while the same test directly after the sessions average 86.2% per student.

Structured Learning

The carefully constructed program has two main driving forces to it.

1. Sex Education Workshops

Bringing specially designed workshops to schools, the double sessions see 120 students each day involved in workshops. The workshops are broken into bite size pieces that enables students to truly understand life saving issues.

The structure includes opening speeches from health officials, teachers and local government, followed by fun ‘brain training’. A mix of videos, group work and class discussions engage students in learning about issues including sexual disease transmission, drug usage and reproduction.

Condom simulations get huge laughs but also give a serious insight in how to effectively use them. First hand stories are also given from our friends who tell students their experiences living with HIV / AIDS.

2. Developing KSPAN Clubs

Most schools have their own ‘KSPAN’ (a HIV/AIDS awareness club), but not many KSPAN clubs are able to impact their whole school. In 2017, we are developing 45 KSPAN groups to create their own plans and activities, backed up by materials and support from Bali Children’s Project.

Each clubs automatically enters into a competition to be crowned one of the top 10 KSPAN clubs in Bali. The winners are the clubs that show most improvement, dedication and impact – based on their activity reports.

Inspiring KSPAN clubs is a key way of impacting their wider schools and communities. Currently, many KSPAN clubs lack the resources and ability to truly educate others.

Next Up

July is a huge month for the program. Intensive ‘Special Workshops’ run throughout school induction weeks. The major workshops are given to 200 youngsters per session and are supported by KSPAN groups, who operate as facilitators.

We’ll be running 2 sessions a day, across 10 different schools, impacting 4,000 students in just one week.

In subsequent months, we will be focusing on the regencies of Bangli, Buleleng, Jembrana, Karengasem and Klungkung.

Program Life Support

The program only exists thanks to the donors who support it. Bali Children’s Project thanks The Mel Wolf Foundation, Three Monkeys Cafe and Friends of Canggu Community School for their support of this life saving project.

Our major grant allocation is due to expire in at the end of 2017, meaning we are urgently seeking the funds to continue the program in 2018 and subsequent years.

Our current budget for 2018’s program is 33,605 USD, with 10,000 USD already secured. If you can help us raise the remaining 23,605 USD please get in touch.

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