26th July 2016.

After an amazing response to our new School Backpacks program, Bali Children’s Project were able to delight children with new backpacks.

bp1Early in July we launched a new element of our sponsorship program; school entry backpacks. The aim of the program is to provide the essentials for children so they can at least start school.

Although most children will require long term sponsorship, the backpacks provide immediate relief for families who cannot afford school costs.

There was great news to come as supporter bp4Jenny got together with her friends to raise over $700 to purchase backpacks for children.

Our team had the pleasure of delivering the fully equipped backpacks to 8 children who were in need of support.

Jenny, who already sponsors young Yudi through Bali Children’s Project, wanted to donate the funds as she has personally seen how donations are used to help children in Bali.

bp2Thanks to the donations, more children are able to access school.

We’re so pleased to be able to deliver this packages of joy to children. We thank Jenny, her friends and all other supporters who have purchased a school start backpack.

You can find out more about school backpacks here.

Alternatively, you can also sponsor children through school here.

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