Backpacks Raised so far

Help us deliver fully equipped backpacks for children in poverty. $100 gives a child all materials needed for a year of school.

It’s a sad fact in Bali that many children go to school embarressed and underequipped. With holes in their shoes and dirty, old uniforms, students are struggling before they’ve even got started.

It’s a poor start to their educational life which significantly limits their learning.

While access to elementary school has improved drastically, children from poor families are still struggling. Families are expected to buy all the neccessary supplies, uniforms, shoes, materials and books. When food, water and fuel are priorities, school supplies are luxuries families can’t afford.

We can change this. By donating a School Entry Backpack, you will be sending a child to school with all they need.

Children in Subaya Village

Situated on top of a mountain, Subaya is one of the most remote villages in Bali. Poverty is so rife that most children do not complete high school.

Families live in simple shacks and can barely afford food, let alone school costs. Children go to school in old hand-me downs that are dirty, old and oversized. Those who cannot afford shoes go barefoot or in sandals. It’s hard to focus on school when they can’t even afford books to write in.

For children in this village, receiving a School Entry Backpack is the only new thing they have ever had and it makes such a difference to their lives.

What Does a Backpack Include?

A $100 Backpack donation enables us to purchase:

  • 2 school uniforms
  • 2 pairs of black school shoes (1 current size, 1 large size)
  • A school backpack
  • School supplies (books, pens, pencils and pencil case)

*Note: This program is aimed at grade 1-5. For children grades 6-12, costs rise, hence the need for monthly sponsorship.

Donate a School Entry Backpack

To donate your backpack, follow the donate link below, input your donation of $100 USD and select ‘school entry backpacks’ under the program designation.

We will let you know which child your backpack is going to and you’ll receive thank you photos from the child or children whom you have helped.