Community Donors Fund a Library Renovation

Our next renovation has been completed!

High up in the mountains or rural Bali, we provided support for this rural community to renovate their library.

It was thanks to kind supporters who combined their donations to help us reach our fundraising target to renovate the library.

With the lockdown restrictions finally easing, we’ve been able to start officially opening our renovation projects – with excited children who couldn’t wait to check out their new library.

We thank everybody who contributed to this project – Laura, Dougal, The Schmidt Family, 9 Story, Tiffany, Naoko, Melani, Marin Community Foundation, Timothy and Jenn.

As a special thank you, all donors had their name painted on the inside of the library.

Head to our website homepage to see our latest community donor project and contribute towards our target.

Fund a Library

There are many more libraries in Bali that need help to provide a better uality of education for students. If you can help, please get in touch.