3rd September 2016.

In September we were delighted to sponsor a further 6 children, thanks to the kindness of people who truly care about their futures.

Sadly for many children, they are at high risk of dropping out of school due to rising costs, especially as they grow older. The poorest families often can’t afford these costs and their children end up dropping out of school. Without a full education, prospects in life are slim.

Our staff, placed all over Bali are constantly on the look out for children who need a helping hand to stay in school. The job doesn’t end there though, once we have reviewed their need and likelihood of dropping out of school, our next task is to find sponsors willing to support these children through school.

Thankfully, this month as we added more children to our Sponsorship Waiting List, more people came forward to change their lives.

Our thanks to Darina, Mandy, co-sponsors AnneMaree and Robert, Timur, Karina and Cheryl who all made the special commitment to help a child stay in school. It is a commitment that lasts years, but makes a lifetime of difference.

We continue to thank all existing sponsors who themselves are changing lives too.

Click the images below to hear the stories of the children who have been sponsored in September.